Monday, October 31, 2011

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

linky linky

women in beer
i like how this article ends:  "She looks forward to a time where the modern heirs to Ninkasi will be recognized solely as great brewers, not for their gender. The return of women to brewing is bringing fresh ideas and perspectives, which can only mean more new and exciting beers. And that’s something women and men alike should toast."

if we're spending less over all, why are we buying expensive beer?

survey says:  "Because we’re cutting out even more expensive luxuries. As Americans eat out less, we’re willing to spend more for variety, convenience—maybe even health. The seemingly endless flavors, textures, and shapes of Greek yogurt, artisanal cheese, and craft beer make us feel like we’re choosing from a new menu each time we go to the store—while we spend less time choosing from actual menus."

Thursday, October 27, 2011

antiquated liquor laws

more on the antiquated liquor laws in british columbia
beware, movies and alcohol are a dangerous mix?
please change that stupid law now!
i love having me a beer with a late-night double feature picture show
(in the back ro-o-ow)

oxford companion to beer

i have not cracked this book yet
but i have already heard from many fronts that this eagerly anticipated tome is not living up to the hype
incomplete and incorrect are two of the words that i have heard
the beer wench weighs in on what she thinks about the oxford companion to beer
and she's actually read the book!

driftwood sartori

in case you haven't yet had your fill of the fresh-hopped sartori
get your ass down to the whip for the penultimate vancouver cask
tapping at 4 today!

the new oxford one tapped out in an hour... just sayin'

oh, and its dockside's 10th anniversary party tonight
(at dockside of course!)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

canadian craft beer

great cbc article about some of our favourite micro-brewers, central city and steamwhistle
still lots of room for growth in craft brewing they say!

and in a related article, the cbc wants to know if you buy locally crafted beer
i do!

bc craft beer box

the bc craft beer boxes have arrived in liquor stores!
a mixer pack of 6 bc craft breweries
and 6 styles of beer!

cannery brewing's naramata nut brown ale
lighthouse's race rocks amber
russell cream ale
mt. begbie's high country kolsch
central city's ipa
fernie's first trax brown ale


the driftwood sartori cask at the new oxford last night was awesome!
there were a whole gaggle of beer geeks there
not so patiently waiting for 5:30 and the tapping
thanks ian!!

alas, the service at new oxford left a lot to be desired
amanda thankfully took it upon herself to fetch us all our glasses of cask
as ian endeavoured to get it poured as quickly and foam-free as possible

on the upside, ian says that there will be another cask of the sartori at the whip
he's not sure when they'll be tapping it
and... another cask coming to vancouver
no word yet on who will get it or when they will tap it, but keep yer ears peeled if you're a sartori lover
(and if you're not, what's wrong with you???)

Monday, October 24, 2011

cask nights

i broke my camera at oktoberfest...
so no photos of recent casks

last week's rail ale tuesday at the railway club featured vanilla bean oatmeal stout from r&b brewing
i was scared by the "vanilla" aspect
but it was subtle and barely discernable - which made me happy!
delicious!  made having to go to the dentist beforehand feel like it happened to somebody else!

last week's cask at the yaletown brewpub was an unadulterated nagila pale ale
and it was delicious
it really is quite nice to have an unadulterated cask from time to time!
and happy birthday to matt!

this week i will be heading over to the new oxford on tuesday evening because driftwood has gifted them with a cask of the sartori fresh-hopped ipa
and i simply cannot miss that!

black ipa

the beer wench weighs in on the whole black ipa vs cda name debate

Sunday, October 23, 2011

the charlatan

whatcha doing monday evening?
will you be on commercial drive, vancouver?
want some free beer and nibblies?
hit up the charlatan - oktoberfest lives on!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

world cup

in case you want to know what i'll be doing at 1:00 a.m. sunday morning
and the rules i'll be enforcing:


gosh darn it, i think this person got my pint of sartori at st. augustine's last night
i just, just, just missed out
[insert majorly pouty face here]

now i must find me a bottle somewhere
viti??? firefly??? brewery creek???
who has some left?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#stout day

international stout day is november 3rd!
in vancouver?  then you should go to the stout pairing dinner at rogue kitchen
and not just because it was my idea!!!


i am slow off the mark, but here are some oktoberfest photos from malone's last saturday
from other people's cameras of course
i'm not nearly on top of my game enough to have uploaded mine yet!

all of the above by rodney gitzel
the two below are from the camera of christie little

and these are from stacy buster's camera:

you go carlsberg!

not my favourite beer, but major kudos to carlsberg for this fabulous ad!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

canadian tire money

i've been wondering what to do with all my canadian tire money now that my local store has closed
(and i'm too lazy to travel to another one)

wonder no more!
rogue wetbar will take my canadian tire money at par
yes they will
between 2 and 5 p.m. anyway!

"Yes, us accepting Canadian Tire Money is for real.. From 2-5 pm use as much Canadian Tire cash you have on whatever you want! (no cash back)"


wanna see where my investment in brewdog is going?
check out their latest blog for the new facilities plans

beer geekery

lazy blogger resorts to reposting of witty sayings:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

pat's pub

12 craft taps at pat's pub?
anti-hipster heaven!

well, i'm not sure the 12 taps really all qualify as craft
but i'm not going to quibble with a place that's trying to reinvent itself through craft beer
they're trying!

and, you know, they do brew and can their own lager on-site
and its pretty good
no really, it is
try it, you'll like it!
dude, its $3.50 a pint, $13 a pitcher and only $12 for a six-pack to go

i'm not going to lie to you
it was a couple of weeks ago that i stopped in at pat's pub on a tuesday night around 9
there was no one else there
which just meant the bartender gave us lots of attention and back story on the lager
it also means that i do not have total recall of what's on those 12 taps...
thank goodness they list them on the website!!

cannery:  ipa and blackberry porter
r & b:  red devil pale ale
russell:  cream ale, wee angry scotch
tree brewing:  cut-throat pale ale
big rock:  traditional ale, grasshopper wheat, rock creek cider
pat's pub:  lager
molson:  canadian
and a rotating tap

ooh, and they do off-sales too
of all the big rock line
and the cannery ipa, anarchist amber and naramata brown

beer vs wine

the menu is out for phillips' beer vs wine pairing dinner:

beer geekery

Friday, October 14, 2011

hallowe'en party

central city is having a hallowe'en party on october 29th:

"Join us for the annual Central City Brewing Halloween party! This year we have some amazing prizes for the most humorous, creative, and overall best costumes. Also, seeing as it is the last Saturday of the month we will have a cask on the bar. No word yet on what the boys in the brewery have in store for us yet, but rest assured it will be within the Halloween theme - possibly Pumpkin Ale? Full details here."


craft beer dot com's latest newsletter is out
and it looks fabulous:

in defence of the name "black ipa"
beer and pumpkin soup recipe
beer profiteroles...
oh happy day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

seasonal beer tasting - on right now!

yikes, a little late on the notice...
from legacy liquor store:


Thursday, 4 to 7 pm Oct 13, 2011
As part of BC Craft Beer Month Legacy is celebrating the fall season with a cross section of limited release beers. Sample Pumpkin beers, fruit beers and the first of the Christmas season beers.

seasonal changes

and no, i'm not actually talking about the weather!

sierra nevada kills one seasonal in favour of a new one

lagunitas runs out of room to brew their winter seasonal and comes up with a replacement

buh-bye old favourites and hello fabulous newness?
not sure we'll get the new seasonal brews up here, but i do hope so

stillwater ales

i have posted many times about stillwater artisinal ales
now you can go straight to the source to hear all about him!

everything you ever wanted to know about the gypsy brewer behind stillwater artisinal ales


not beer related
but what the heck - my facebook is flooded with this stuff!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sunk punk

oh brewdog!
taking brewing beneath the waves
and johanna basford - my artist crush - drew the label!

beer judge

signed myself up to take the beer judge test in vancouver in november 2012
brilliant plan or stupidest idea i've ever had?
being a beer judge would be awesome
studying beer styles for a year may take all the joy out of beer...

uh oh!

beer geekery

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

howe sound tasting

howe sound tasting at legacy tomorrow night:


Wednesday, 4 to 7 pm
Oct 12, 2011

Join us for a sampling of Howe Sound Brewery's great beers and with your purchase of product receive a ticket for a free pint at Doolin's Irish Pub of Howe Sound Vanilla Stout; the cask is being tapped Thursday the 13th starting at 5 pm.

beer geekery

Friday, October 7, 2011

denim day?

apparently today is international denim day?
is there a day for everything?
do we need a day for everything?  doesn't that kinda take away from the "specialness"?

way to make denim day all about beer dogfish head!

i love hops

i know this is no surprise to anyone
but i love hops!

so pretty, so bitter, so good for me
so delicious!

want to know more about hops? will let you in on the secret life of hops

citra, chinook, cascade, centennial
the "c" hops might just be my favourites...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

beer geekery

legacy tasting

tasting at legacy tomorrow night:


Friday, 4 to 7 pm
Oct 7, 2011

$2 of every 6 pack purchased of Efes this month will be donated to Breast Cancer Charity. Come sample the smooth refreshing pilsner and malty dark Efes beers. Made with rice, so great for people with gluten sensitivities.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

tasting notes

not that i'm behind on my notes or anything...
here's the past two week's worth of beernesday tastings at st. augustine's

september 21, 2011
taster #1
elysian night owl pumpkin ale - 5.9%  brewed with 7 1/2 pounds of pumpkin per barrel and spiked in conditioning with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice
rogue ales chatoe good chit pilsner - 5%  made with rogue farm barley that is floor-malted in small batches
crannog bogtrotter brown ale - 4.8%  a nutty, sweet brown ale with a touch of toffee in the flavour
red truck ipa - wasn't on the menu

i found the bogtrotter to be a "nice little brown - easy drinking"
the night owl was pumpkin pieish, not overly spiced... "pretty good, but i don't think i'm ready for fall beers"
the pilsner was practically an ipa, so of course i loved it!
the red truck ipa was "quite nice"

taster #2
russell cranberry wheat ale - 4.7%  we take an already damn fine wheat ale and add cranberries during fermentation!
red truck pilsner - 5%  the light gold beer has a floral taste with a clean finish, a light malt sweetness and a sharp, herbal, hoppy bitterness
skookum old tom ipa - 6%  an ipa style balanced with a belgian malt.  cheers!
tree brewing hophead ipa - 5.8%  the hophead has a nice full body and mouthfeel, without the hoppiness being too overpowering.  a fine ale all around

i found the cranberry wheat to be sour as hell - practically a lambic - and that meant i loved it!
the red truck pilsner was too lagery for me - couldn't find those hops they spoke of
i love the olde tom - its going on the current top 10 list!!
the hophead is a lovely ipa, but came in second to the olde tom, by a fair margin

september 28, 2011
central city dunkel - 5%  a traditional bavarian dark lager, malty with only a gentle hop accent for very little hop bitterness
moylans imperial hopsickle - 9.2%  enjoy the blast of fresh cascade, simcoe, columbus, ahtanum, and chinook hops as they stimulate the taste buds in a truly imperial fashion.  pucker up!
rogue mcrogue scotch ale - 8.2%  deep copper in colour, caramel aroma, rich malty flavour with a roated malt background
storm brewing black plague stout - 8%  an irish-style dry stout brewed only in small batches to ensure the freshness so paramount to such an intensely roasted beer

the black plague is definitely roasty, i recall liking this one a lot more in the past
the mcrogue has nice malts and subtle, but apparent, hops
the dunkel had enough hops to keep it from being too sweet - very drinkable
the imperial ipa is a hoppy bastard, very much on the bitter side and oh so boozey - i might just be over the imperial ipas, give me my hops, but give them to me a little less harshly please!

ska brewing

more reasons to love ska brewing
not only do they have yoga and beer for the people
now they have flu shots and beer for the people!
(i don't necessarily endorse flu shots, my jury is still out on that one, but boy, do i ever laud ska's efforts to bring afforable healthcare to the american people)


black butte porter spice cake
thanks deschutes!

and spiced pumpkin beer bread too!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

johanna basford

i have an artist crush on johanna basford
look, just look at what she drew for brewdog:

copyright, johanna basford

check out her website and her blog for more of her fabulous art
no really, do it!!

cask nights

no photos because i was a bonehead last week and kept forgetting my camera!

tuesday night at the railway club featured granville island's belgian wit
me, i don't like a belgian, so i just had a wee dram to taste
very yeasty, very coriandery
couldn't get past those to the orange that i am assured was underneath them!
definitely a wit
pleased the wit lovers in the crowd
gave me an excuse to have the central city esb!

thursday night at yaletown brewpub featured the seasonal esb dry-hopped with cascades
i was coming down with a cold by this point in the week so can only be so reliable on taste and smell!
but the hopes made it through my stuffed up head
and danced on my palate
which is bloody impressive - two thumbs up!

saturday at the railway club featured a cask-off between esbs from central city and hopworks
the portland timber's army were in town for some footie action
and they brought the hub cask up with them
i love me some hopworks, but found the cask to be quite thin
now mind you, my cold was in full force on saturday, so again, take me with a grain of salt
gary's esb made it through my stuffiness and made me a very happy camper
even if i was a mouth-breather all afternoon!

i hope i didn't share any of my germs
i'd hate to be the typhoid mary of the craft beer scene!

huffington post

lots of beer articles in the huffington post of late:

organic hops revolution

four hops you should get to know

dogfish head and google collaboration beer

and another take on the collaboration beer from laughing squid

Monday, October 3, 2011


i really enjoy hopscotch (the event, not the chalk game, although i do like that too)
but i will not be attending this year
not because i have anything else on my calendar
or because i can't afford it

nope, i won't be attending because the tasting hall is being held at the rocky mountaineer station
where it has been held in the past
the difference this year is that rocky mountaineer has locked-out its workers
i will NOT cross a picket line to attend an event
if you feel similarly, drop hopscotch a line won't you?
beg them to change venues!
and support the workers who have been locked out for over 100 days now

bc craft beer month

better late than never, here are some of my photos from the proclamation of bc craft beer month, held september 30th at steamworks:

bob mcrae - minister of agriculture, lundy dale - president of camra bc,
and terry lake - minister of the environment, with the proclamation
lundy introducing the minister

bloggers, writers, brewers and john mitchell
eli - owner of steamworks, bob mcrae, lundy dale and john mitchell, with the proclamation
fabulous examples of bc's craft beer

pike brewing

the pike brewing expansion is complete!

Seattle, Washington, October 3, 2011

Pike has recently added new stainless steel bright beer tanks, cylinder-conical fermenters, conditioning tanks, a state of the art glycol chiller and a high pressure steam keg filler, and a new gearbox and motor on our mash tun, all allowing us to increase production by approximately 30%.

Pike Head Brewer, Dean Mochizuki, reports that, "Our tanks are now full and we have, for the first time in the last few years, sufficient stock to supply orders." Pike Sales Manager, Steve Case, had advised distributors to sell Pike beers primarily to existing accounts until the increased capacity was realized. He is now advising, "Full steam ahead!" Steve, a seasoned professional, joined the brewery in early 2011 and reports that the Pike brand is "on fire!" Dean, who has been with the brewery nine years, was promoted to head brewer in April 2011 and has witnessed a lot of changes at the brewery since the Finkel family re-acquired it five years ago.

Pike is a gravity flow, steam brewery in the heart of Seattle's Pike Place Market historical district. Pike was the brainchild of Charles Finkel, the founder of "Merchant du Vin." Charles was the first to introduce a wide selection of brewing styles to the United States market; at the time, though it was the largest beer market in the world, there were only a few styles available. The Pike Brewery brews top fermented beers including Pike Pale, IPA, Double IPA, Naughty Nellie Golden, Dry Wit, Tandem Double, Monk's Uncle Tripel, Old Bawdy Barley Wine, XXXXX Extra Stout, Auld Acquaintance, and others. Pike beers are distributed throughout the Pacific Northwest, and at select retailers around the country.

Because of Pike's urban location, room to expand capacity is limited to the existing space. The original brewery on Western Avenue dates back to 1989 and is one-half block below the current brewery. When it opened, it was what would now be known as a 'nano brewery,' producing around 500 barrels of Pike's top fermented ale per year. The company moved to its current location and added The Pike Pub in 1996; by the time Rose Ann and Charles Finkel sold Pike at the end of 1997, the brewery had experienced a ten-fold increase in production to around 5,000 barrels. In the ensuing years sales volume remained around the same level.

According to Charles Finkel, "people presumed that the brewery was maxed out on production and that there was no room to expand. We originally designed the brewery to produce around 18,000 barrels of beer." The expansion team was headed up by Pike Vice President and General Manager, Drew Gillespie. Drew reports, "We chose Newlands Systems of British Columbia to produce stainless steel tanks that are as beautiful as they are functional. Given the space restrictions, we had to trust that Newland's could produce tanks to our minute specifications. Once delivered, Ballard Transfer of Seattle completed the installation. With less than an inch clearance in some areas, there were more than a few nervous moments; the tanks were raised into place and the team breathed a collective sigh of relief. The expanded glycol system was manufactured by Pro Refrigeration of Auburn WA and installed by Universal Refrigeration. KHS, a German firm, supplied the state of the art keg filler and conveyor system increasing our capacity to 30 kegs per hour. Seattle's McKinstry Co, who originally built the brewery, replaced the aging mash tun gearbox and motor. When all the work was complete, the outside of Pike's building got a beautiful new paint job befitting a world class brewery. Even with the expansion, Pike remains a small craft brewery. According to Charles and Rose Ann Finkel, "our sales growth is reliant on word of mouth, much of it from the thousands of people who visit the Pike Pub and tour the brewery annually. Our goal is not to be the biggest brewery, but rather, to be among the best breweries anywhere."

monk's kettle

oh how i wish i was going to be in san francisco
i would love to go back to the monk's kettle for a beer and wine pairing dinner!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

tough pub crawl

well, perhaps a little...
i think this british columbia pub crawl sounds amazing!
i wanna do it!
who's with me?
c'mon, there's craft beer involved!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

pimp my dog

upcycling - re-purposing - recycling at its best:  beer related!
brewdog challenged its drinkers to pimp their dog