Saturday, March 31, 2012

beer geekery

Friday, March 30, 2012

new mantra

i think this is just a little too close to a new mantra for me!

cask night

the cask at the yaletown brewpub last night was cory's awesome pale ale with fresh ginger
you gotta love ginger to be into this one
and me, i love ginger!

it was also dine out for life last night
i shared dinner with the lovely coral - we started with the deep fried tuna roll and followed that with the halibut burger and side salad
nice pairing with the ginger beer!!

link love

craft beer featured at weddings

want to help make the movie about michael jackson, beer hunter?

devilled ham beer puffs recipe

l.a.'s craft beer revolution

stone brewing:  to use cascade hops or not to use cascade hops

Thursday, March 29, 2012

legacy tastings

upcoming tastings at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Thursday, 4 to 7 pm Mar 29, 2012
These vodkas are triple-distilled using only local spring water and receiving a very light charcoal filtration at the end of each cycle.

Friday, 4 to 7 pm Mar 30, 2012
Magic Moments Lemongrass and Ginger vodka promises everything that a great life should have - being young at heart. It also embodies an excitement in and for life.

Saturday, 2 to 6 pm Mar 31, 2012
Red Racer Beer believes in pushing the boundaries of craft brewing. From the flagship India Pale Ale to the limited release Winter Ale, every one of their beers is designed to challenge and delight even the most discerning connoisseur.

Sunday, 2 to 6 pm Apr 1, 2012
We will be sampling the Amarone, Ripasso and Trebbiano.

Tuesday, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and again from 5:00 to 8:00 pm Apr 3, 2012
This event is an in-depth look at one of the newest spirited brands from the Okanagan Valley. Mike Urban, owner, distiller and visionary will be on site for both tastings with his team of experts, offering straight spirit samples, while Kale & Nori's Chef Jonathan Chovancek offers complex and tasty bites to accompany, using both the tasting notes and the spirits themselves. Kale & Nori's award-winning mixologist Lauren Mote will be offering unique cocktails, showcasing the Urban Distilleries' spirits and their Canadian "terroir".

yaletown cask

cory says:  Just tasted the cask for tonight.... Holy ginger batman! If you like ginger, this is for you; pale ale on the bar in Yaletown at 4 pm sharp!

rogue women's day pairing

usually i take photos of all the pairings at a rogue dinner
but alas, i only had my iphone with me and the lighting was atmospheric... so all you get are these two!

the lobster on cauliflower risotto
the diver scallop that melted in my mouth!

best pairings:
r&b lychee white ale with sea bream crudo - this would be a great summer beer
the lychee was not too sweet and went well with the brine of the fish

cannery scotch ale with smoked lamb loin (or for me, salmon)
the smokiness of the scotch ale went really well with the smoked salmon

townsite powtow porter with chocolate porter cake
i didn't have the cake, but the malty porter paired very well with the mocha custard and glazed pecans

best beer:
crannog ales something hoppy - cascade hops and cardamom made for an amazing brew

other pairings:
big river rose hibiscus honey ale with contry ham (for me, tuna) and apple kimchi
tuna with rose did not pair so well
but the beer itself was quite nice and the tuna on pancake was to die for

gulf island heatherdale ale with honey glazed diver scallop
i wasn't wild about the beer
but the scallop, the scallop was incredible!  apple and yam puree was great with it
and didn't quite get where the heather and scallop would be going together...

crannog something hoppy with mushroom ravioli
as previously mentioned, the beer rocked!  the ravioli in broth, not so much
and not together

howe sound cascadian dark ale with massaman short rib (or for me, lobster)
the lobster was a little chewy, but very nice with the cauliflower risotto
i think the short rib probably paired well with a cda in ways that lobster just didn't
liked them both separately

nelson oatmeal stout with oatmeal stout cookie
yes, they paired extremely well, but the cookie was huge and quite dense
and frankly after 7 other pairings i was less than attentive to the beer
so i suck, sue me!

the event:
mingler was a misnomer for this event
it was great to see all the brewers in attendance, but see them is all we were able to do
somehow i pictured an 8 plate mingler as being a standing up affair where the brewers introduced their beers, a rep from the kitchen described where they were going with the pairing and after tasting the pairing the rest of us wandered about discussing it with each other
but instead we were seated at several long tables and pretty much stuck in our seats as the pairings were brought to us one after the other
did i enjoy myself?
oh yes!
am i glad i went?
oh yes!
it didn't turn out like i expected it to, but the food was yummy, the beers were fabulous and the company was lively
it was a great evening!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

cask night

the cask last night at the railway was a foamy one!

central city's dark days of spring with citra hops was a tasty one!
not too sure what the base beer was for this one as it wasn't any darker than an ipa...
but it did have a little something in there that no one i was with could identify

good people

apropos of nothing, i think this is a damned fine huffington post article and everyone should read it
ignore the heterosexism and sexism and relationship bias
and you've got yourself a great check-list for the important people in your life
i am going to print it out and post it
and cheers it when i'm in my kitchen grabbing another beer
(that last line made this post beer-related - nice one eh?)


i cannot love this more!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

central city 8th anniversary

8th anniversary beer pairing dinner for central city brewing
its worth the ride to surrey!

craft brew stats

canadian beer consumption of the big boring brews is down
but craft beer sales are up!
victoria's craft brewers are increasing their market share
and craft beer drinkers in british columbia rejoice!

lemonade out of unsoured beer

the bruery took their lemons and made lemonade
its not a problem, its a new fun beer to discover:

Our recent batch of Hottenroth refused to sour. It tastes like a great beer, but it doesn't taste like Hottenroth. The joy and pain of working with a bacteria such as lactobacillus is that it is hard to control and the results can often vary. The joy and pain of being a small brewery is that we can make adjustments and turn a problem beer into a new and delicious beer. Coming soon to a tasting room near you: Nottenroth, unsoured Hottenroth fermented with kumquats.

no to gmo

infographics are so the new black!

gift ideas

my birthday is coming up
in case anyone was stuck for a generous donation to my happiness, fret no more!
get me a neon deschutes sign!

Monday, March 26, 2012

collaboration brew

say what?!
a zero ibu ipa?
a brew-off between the two dogs?
flying dog and brew dog in an international arms race?
a combative collaboration

check out the brewdog blog too!


american craft brew statistics:


oh goody!
another brewery pandering to the misogynistic concept of providing "feminine" beer to the female beer market
just what all of us women want - not!
uptown girl, my ass!
where does this fallacious market research come from?

minhas brewing, i'll never drink one of your beers
your contempt of me shall be met with my contempt of you
my precious beer dollars will line someone else's pockets
so there!
that'll show you!

beer pairing dinner

On April 10th, Beerthirst is teaming up with our friends at Russell Brewing for a night of craft beer and BBQ at Memphis Blues BBQ! It's a 5 course dinner with 6 beers, and we will be pouring the Bear Republic Racer 5, North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner, and Green Flash Double Stout. 7 - 10pm, $50 per person. 1342 Commercial Drive.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

beer geekery

beer snob?  nah, beer snobs care about what's in your glass
a beer geek cares about what's in their own!

Friday, March 23, 2012

beer husband

look at what my beer husband made!
from this beer and pretzel caramel recipe

and they taste even better than they look!

cask night

the cask at the yaletown brewpub last night was cory's prince of darkness stout
and it was a thing of beauty and a joy to imbibe!

link love

beer cocktails the new rage in vancouver

martha stewart loves beer!

meet toronto's female brewers

free legacy tastings

Free Upcoming Tastings at Legacy Liquor Store, Vancouver

Friday, 4 to 7 pm Mar 23, 2012
Sample the Amicitia White Blend and the Amicitia Red Blend from local winery Dunham & Froese.

Saturday, 2 to 6 pm Mar 24, 2012
We will be sampling the Benromach, Gordon & Macphail and Kilchoman whiskies.

Sunday, 2 to 6 pm Mar 25, 2012
Clos du Soleil will be releasing their 2010 Capella - premium Bordeaux style white - this vintage a blend of 90% Sauvignon Blanc/10% Semillon, and their 2011 Rosé - This is the first rosé wine ever from Clos du Soleil - crafted for everyday drinking - 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from 15 year old vines.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

golden plates

vancouver winners of the golden plates awards

beer-related spoilers:

Best Pub Food

1.Irish Heather Gastropub, 210 Carrall
2.Yaletown Brewing Company, 1111 Mainland
3.Doolins Irish Pub, 654 Nelson

Best Restaurant B.C. Beer Selection

1.Alibi Room, 157 Alexander
2.St. Augustine’s, 2360 Commercial
3.ensemble Tap, 990 Smithe
3.BierCraft Tap & Tapas Bar, Various locations

Best Restaurant Imported Beer Selection

1.BierCraft Tap & Tapas Bar, Various locations
2.Alibi Room, 157 Alexander
3.Bitter Tasting Room, 16 W. Hastings Street

Best Pub

1.Irish Heather Gastropub, 210 Carrall
2.Lamplighter Public House, 92 Water
3.Doolins Irish Pub, 654 Nelson

Best Brewpub Restaurant

1.Yaletown Brewing Company, 1111 Mainland
2.Steamworks Brewing Company, 375 Water
3.Dockside Restaurant, 1253 Johnston, Granville Island
3.Central City Brewing Co., 13450 102 Avenue, Surrey

Best Imported Beer

2.Stella Artois

Best Microbrewery Local

1.Granville Island Brewing, 1441 Cartwright Street
2.Storm Brewing, 310 Commercial Drive
3.R&B Brewing Co., 54 East 4th Avenue

Best Locally Brewed Beer

1.Granville Island Lions Winter Ale
2.Red Racer IPA (Central City Brewpub)
3.Red Truck Ale

Best B.C. Beer brewed outside Vancouver

1.Okanagan Springs Pale Ale, Vernon
1.Kokanee, Creston
2.Driftwood Fat Tug IPA, Victoria
3.Phillips Blue Buck Ale, Victoria

Best Canadian Beer brewed outside B.C.

1.Steam Whistle
2.Big Rock, 5555 76 Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta
3.Alexander Keith's

Best Private Liquor Store

1.Legacy Liquor Store, 1633 Manitoba Street
2.Brewery Creek Liquor Store, 3045 Main Street
2.Hastings Liquor Store, 2769 East Hastings Street
3.Firefly Fine Wines and Ales, 2857 Cambie Street

i think it will be interesting to see how long it takes the general population to realize there are better imported beers than stella and heineken out there, that local brews far outstrip okanagan springs and kokanee on flavour and that there's better canadian beer than big rock and keiths
next year?

how beer saved the world

how beer not just built the world, but saved it over and over again
in infographics


too many beers i wanted to try at beernesday at st. augustine's last night!
had to have me two samplers to fit them all in

look how well my iphone camera works when there is light
whistler brewing cheakamus chai maple ale - 5%  this dark bronze ale is made with real maple syrup, added right to the mash.  then, a trace of chai tea is added during the filtration process.  the result is a highly complex, mildly spicy palette structure
hoooo boy that is sweet!  it would be awesome in pancake batter or over ice cream
a bit too much maple sweetness for me in a beer though, the chai notes were subtle, but appreciable

chuckanut brewery pilsner - 5%  in 1842 a bavarian monk smuggled lager yeast from munich to the bohemian town of pilsn where they used the yeast with british pale malt, crafting a beer golden in color.  chuckanut pilsner is truly mouthwatering, deeply satisfying, and refreshing!
i do love me a pilsner, and this one did not disappoint
chuckanut is good at the german-style beers, yes indeed

tofino brewing tuff session ale - 5%  a bright copper coloured pale ale with toasty malt base balanced with wast coast hops.  its light to medium body and clean, dry finish gives this full-flavoured ale dangerously inviting drinkability
there's a flavour in there that i don't like
wish i could discern what it is, but i can't, so there

green flash brewery double stout - 8.8%  an old-world style, done the green flash way
its very yummy, but what is that malt flavour?  its not chocolate or coffee or licorice or chicory...
whatever it is, i like it!  i like it a lot!

when there is no light, my iphone camera takes horribly dark photos!
coal harbour vienna lager - 5%  a vienna-style lager which uses substantial amounts of german malt and specialty malts and german hops
quite a nice little lager!

tree brewing hop head double ipa - 8.3%  packs in the hoppy bitterness with five different varieties of superior hops.  similar to its award-winning best-selling little brother, hop head ipa, also boasts citrus aromas and sweet malt undertones with a slightly darker copper colour
oh yes!  this is a lovely little number
hit all the right double ipa notes for me!

red truck sticke alt - 6.2%  darker in colour and higher abv than traditional alts.  it has a restrained fruit aroma and flavour, a light caramel and burnt sugar malt sweetness, and distinct, herbal, hop bitterness
i'm not a fan of the alt style, but this one i like
not too sweet, not too fruity, not too bitter... it worked for me!

crannog ales gael's blood potato ale - 5.2%
a coppery red caramel malt lies beneath a forceful hop presence in both bitterness and aroma.  crannog's spring season ale is made with mt. hood hops grown organically on their own farm
yum!  this year's brew is lovely!  yes!

gwen showing off her sampler, in the dark

cask night

tuesday night's cask at the railway club was r&b brewing's double dry-hopped ipa with cascade hops

very fruity!  and such a pretty colour
not very carbonated, only mildly sedimenty, it made me a very happy camper!
so i had two...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

cheesy beer scones recipe

i gave up cheese for lent
it may be slowly killing me!
so seeing this recipe from is just a great big tease!
cheesy beer scones

coming soon!

being released today in victoria, can vancouver be far behind?

me, i don't love a belgian
but for this baby, i love the label so much i'm going to have to get one regardless
(check out the ingredients listed down the right side of the label!)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

cask night

last night's cask at the yaletown brewpub was their pale ale dry-hopped with cascades
and it was a good one!
rumour has it there's a stout cask coming up...

because it was martini night (and that's not my scene)
we left yaletown for rogue wetbar and more beer
because we follow rogue on twitter we got to try one of their new beer cocktails for free!
i love free!
and i love a bellini, so i went for the beerlini
pyramid apricot beer with bellini slush
it makes for a murky drink, but damn, its delicious!

then i had to have a pint of the hopworks abominable winter ale because they still had some available at rogue as their rotating tap
guess it isn't officially spring for a couple more days...

Thursday, March 15, 2012


new to vancouver?
want to visit vancouver?
live in vancouver but don't get out much?

there is a beer and tasting tour you can take through gastown, which includes the new clough club
check out b.c. beer blog for the skinny


at this week's edition of beernesday i enjoyed the following brews:

chuckanut brewing kolsch - 5%  gentle, slightly fruity, complex undertones of malt, refreshing
yes, definitely fruity.  i don't much love a kolsch, and am not sure why i keep trying them, but this one was quite nice!

skagit brewing english best bitter - 7.5%  a real bitter with malts that are relatively restrained in favor of wide, flat bittering.  a clean, working man's ale.  not prolific, but a smart choice
i tried this one because i wanted to know if it was skagit brewing i'm not fond of or just their ipa.  definitely just their ipa.  this bitter was definitely a smart choice!

skagit brewing helmet pale ale - 5.5%  brewed extremely pale and distinctly hoppy.  crisp and refreshing this light ale is a classic 'northwestern style' pale ale.  unfiltered and dry-hopped for extra flavor
i tried this one because it got me at northwestern style and dry-hopped, and i was not disappointed - i really, really enjoyed it!

howe sound brewing gathering storm cda - 7%  cdas are also known as black ipas.  this version adds deep roasted malts to alter the hue and slightly smooth the edges
i do love me a cda (even if i don't love the name).  this one is not destined to be my favourite, but it is definitely enjoyable.  i think i need more hops to adequately feed my addiction...

then i had to go with a pint of the two beers evolutionary ipa
because i needed an ipa
yes, needed!

st. patrick's day

more from the huffington post on the subject of st. patrick's day:

the top ten beers consumed on paddy's day

six beer recipes for you to cook on paddy's day

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

119 seconds

the huffington post provides a how-to on the proper pour of a guinness
with bonus chocolate guinness cake recipe!
119 seconds people - that's how long the pour should take
yup, two minutes, so don't go getting all impatient!

parallel 49 - coming soon!!

coming soon to my vancouver neighbourhood:
parallel 49 brewing!


i'm not gonna lie to you, i am not a fan of snow
it looks pretty on the mountains but i really prefer that it just stays there!

one thing i am a fan of is the citra hop!
deliciously tart and tangy and citrusy - oh my!

the central city red racer esb cask, double dry-hopped with citra, did not disappoint last night at the railway club
i wished i had more time so i coulda had another
but really, just the one was delectable and delightful and knocked me on my ass a little bit!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


i am very excited to try this cask in t-minus one hour!!

It's Rail Ale Tuesday at the The Railway Club - they'll tap a cask of Red Racer Beer double dry-hopped ESB at 5pm! 5 1/2 weeks on Citra hops = yum.

green beer - naturally

from saltspring island brewing:

Because we get asked about this every year, we did some research for ya: here's how to make green beer for St Paddy's, sans chemicals. So, if you insist on imbibing your beer a-la Lephrechaun this Saturday, you may do so more naturally. (makes sense if you're drinking organic beer ;) Note: because beer is already 'yellow', blue coloring is the way to get green beer.

Do It Yourself – Homemade Natural Blue Food Coloring

Half head red cabbage (yes, I said “red cabbage!”)
Baking Soda


1. Wash the cabbage and cut out the stem.

2. Chop into small pieces.

3. Place cabbage pieces in a pot and add water until the cabbage is covered.

4. Simmer for 10 minutes and then drain.

5. The resulting liquid will be purplish.

6. Gradually add baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon at a time, until you get a nice blue hue. Be careful, because the baking soda will add flavor to the coloring. If you are using the color for something you will be eating then you need to be especially careful how much you add. Since it is the alkaline quality of the baking soda that causes the red cabbage juice to turn blue, you can also add spinach juice, green tea, or another alkaline ingredient.
7. Notes: The color in the cabbage juice, itself is not particularly sensitive to temperature, but the mixture of the baking soda with the juice is. So you will want to add the color after the food item has cooled, or else only add it to food items that will not be heated.
Recipe courtesy of

Friday, March 9, 2012

cask night

the yaletown brewpub cask last night was keller pilsner dryhopped with czech saaz
i do love me a saaz hop!
and it was marvelously delicious!

legacy liquor store tastings

Free Upcoming Tastings at Legacy Liquor Store, Vancouver

Friday, 4 to 7 pm Mar 9, 2012
Chambord, the world-renowned black raspberry liqueur, introduces a groundbreaking new taste experience in Chambord Flavored Vodka.

Saturday, 2 to 6 pm Mar 10, 2012
Moosehead Breweries' flagship brand is a golden lager that is light in body and highly refreshing, offering a fine balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness.

Sunday, 2 to 6 pm Mar 11, 2012
Rare Drams imports Rare and Hard to find Whiskies from Scotland - come sample a new selection of products at Legacy from Rare Drams!

king heffy

Thursday, March 8, 2012


at last night's beernesday the number of beers i needed to try was overwhelming
that is why i thank dog every day that the taster paddle was invented!

the star of the night for me was the two beers brewing evolutionary ipa

elysian brewing rapture heather ale - 7.6%  a pound per barrel of high country heather tips in both the mash and toward the end of the boil give rapture floral and piney notes
very floral, but oh so drinkable, definitely get some before its gone!

elysian brewing idiot sauvin ipa - 6.3%  an ipa both fiercely fruity and floral, made with new zealand nelson sauvin hops. strong citrus and passion fruit aroma and flavor
it is very floral, and bitter, and i'm just not sure how i feel about it.  possibly love, possibly indifference.  i look forward to trying a whole bottle of this brew to decide!

two beers brewing evolutionary ipa - 6.2%  a dry hopped, deep copper coloured ipa brewed with yakima valley simcoe, amarillo and centennial hops, then aggressively dry hopped with simcoe and columbus
yes, yes, yes! its a hop bomb of the most delicious variety.  i am a fan.  nay, a devoté

mill street tankhouse ale - 5.2%  five different malts are used to produce a complex malty texture.  cascades give an assertive hop flavour, aroma and bitterness.  a satisfying and complex-tasting beer
wow - easterners making a hoppy ale?  yay!  its a damned nice brew.

two beers brewing heart of darkness cascadian dark ale - 8.4%  this hoppy yet smooth ale is an adventure all its own
it sure is!  dark, delicious and packs quite a punch

granville island imperial ipa - 8.2%  hopped-up version of beers made famous during the british raj over a century ago.  big malt, bold hops and a higher-alcohol content
i want to apologize every time i order it, but damn, vern sure makes a tasty beer and i can't help but order it when its available

skagit river sculler's ipa - 6.8%  full of northwest hops and a rich and fruity malt back bone
i want to like this beer, i keep trying it hoping that maybe i just had an old bottle or something
but no, i just don't love it

hopworks survival organic 7-grain stout - 5.3%  certified organic.  brewed with 7 ancient grains: barley, wheat, oats, amaranth, quinoa, spelt and kamut.  finished with 15 pounds of cold-pressed stumptown holler mountain coffee
if you need a coffee after its too late for caffeine, this is your salvation!  such coffee goodness

cask night

the cask on tuesday night at the railway club was divine!

r&b outdid themselves with a delightfully drinkable salted lemon citra ipa
all of my friends loved it
even the non-ipa-ers among them

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

beer geekery

this just smacks of brilliance!
found it via steamwhistle, who asked when you would use it
camping for sure for me!
(i would like a different colour though please)

of love and regret

stillwater artisinal ales will be getting a brick and mortar address this year
brian strumke won't be brewing there though
of love and regret, located in baltimore, will be styled after san francisco's city beer
with a pub downstairs and a provisions store upstairs

"Renovations started a week ago and is expected to end sometime in the Spring. He described the bar's look as "Old World modernism."  "I want it to feel like you're walking into one of our labels," he says. "Like a feeling of intrigue.""

pub grub, 23 taps, casks, stillwater ales... sounds perfect to me
(except for that pesky part about it being really far away from vancouver!)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

beer jello shots

this recipe for beer jello shots has way too many steps for me to actually commit to making
but look at the fabulous results!

Friday, March 2, 2012

cask night

it was all pilsner last night at the yaletown brewpub
the cask was a pilsner with spalt hops
and the seasonal tap was pilsner
i had them both!
the cask was flatter than i like, but it was tasty enough!

beer ice cream

going to be in portland?
do have some beer ice cream, won't you?
salt and straw ice cream featuring a lovely local brew - ninkasi oatis stout

Thursday, March 1, 2012

legacy tastings

Free Upcoming Tastings at Legacy Liquor Store, Vancouver

Thursday, 4 to 7 pm Mar 1, 2012
Playhouse Wine Festival is here! The theme country this year is Chile. Legacy Liquor Store will be pouring an assortment of Chilean beers featured in the festival.

Friday, 4 to 7 pm Mar 2, 2012
A blend of Bobal and Merlot, this gorgeous Spanish red offers excellent value. The aromas are lush - sweet mixed berries and black cherry, vanilla, baking spices, crushed violets and pipe tobacco.

Saturday, 2 to 6 pm Mar 3, 2012
Grab some Bud's, there's a hockey game on tonight!

Sunday, 2 to 6 pm Mar 4, 2012
Sample the La Chouffe, Duval and Liefmans beers.

beer for boobs

steamwhistle's female brewer is one of 9 women collaborating on a breast cancer brew