Thursday, May 31, 2012

post-run beers

i've always said a beer after a run, especially a long gruelling one, is a brilliantly refreshing way to go!

runners world breaks down a few post-run beers and why they're good for you

aged beers

the food and wine snobs have discovered aged beers
it had to happen eventually...
but how much is this going to drive the prices up?
best just have everyone brew more!

food and wine on aged beers

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

cask night

back to my regularly scheduled beer drinking schedule!

last night's cask offering at the railway club was central city's jasmine green tea ipa
amazing nose (can i get that in a perfume?)
the jasmine was subtle and refreshing, i didn't get the green tea, but others said they did
either way, it was a delicious brew
i'd say summer patio, but think the alcohol content is too high to make it sensibly sessionable!
(but since when am i sensible?!)

gawd, but it was a pretty beer!


this week's yelp is all about beer in vancouver:

Beer-ly beloved, we are gathered here to honour the union of parched lips and everyone's favourite patio pleaser. Be it pilsner or stout, lager or ale, this Weekly vows to bond Vancouverites with ice-cold suds.

Offering 300 brews on rotation and a "dizzyingly diverse beer menu," Alibi Room holds Jordan Y's heart. "There's something for every taste; it's the place to bring that friend who professes to hate beer just so you can blow his/her mind." Meanwhile, Malloreigh M proclaims, "St Augustine's has a selection of microbrews on tap that's unrivaled." Their pint-priced, four-beer taster "allows customers to quell a bit of that overwhelmed feeling that comes from reading a double-sided, tightly-packed beer menu." We're foaming at the options! L James V prefers to tap into Six Acres for his fix: "The beer is vast, varied, unique, and sometimes very rare… they frequently feature beers that the CAMRA dorks pummel each other for." The bevy brewage battle is on!

Grubbin' while he guzzles, Peter S praises the "polenta fries and proper pints" offered at The Cascade Room. "Whether meeting up with a craft beer rep for some sampling or a good friend," the killer casks here have him frothing for more. Sarah D's pumped for The Charlatan: "There aren't many bars in Vancouver that serve a proper Black & Tan… once a week there's a burger and beer deal, so you can get your Guinness for a decent amount." Deal! According to Matthew C, if you want suds, "BierCraft Bistro is the place to go. Seriously, the menu is huge." Stay for the Battle of the Belgians: a three-course meal paired with a beer trio for only $60. We approve.

Summer pints aplenty can be sourced from Vancouver's fine liquor stores. Just ask Luisa D, who "finally made it to Firefly and promptly had a beer boner once inside." Just "load your meter 'cause it's going to take awhile to choose." We're still talking brews, right? "If you're on a beer hunt, you have to stop at Legacy," Emily-Anne P explains. "In addition to selection, they've great staff who are happy to chat about beer" at one of their weekly seminars. Sam L paddles up Brewery Creek for his liquor lesson: "I come back far too often for their fine selection, whether it's a rare Euro treasure or a guilty PBR pleasure." Play it again, Sam.   

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


vcbw, quickly in a few facebook photos:

voodoo donut at portland craft opening

driftwood's fat tug t-shirts (hehehehehe)
ready to rock out at the hop head banger's ball in my
fabulous driftwood son of the morning concert shirt
hoppapalooza (before we got too blurry)
at the hop head banger's ball
at the dix reunion at stackhouse
a couple of my fave beer geeks at the final tasting room

stadium beer

oh, if only the stadiums in vancouver would catch on to the craft beer wave!
i know you can get stanley park amber at rogers arena
but there's pretty much only bud, bud or bud at b.c. place
if you want me to pay $8 or more for a beer, it had better be a good one

huffington post on american baseball stadiums serving craft beer

Monday, May 28, 2012


and just like that, vancouver craft beer week is over
i think my liver is happy
and possibly my neglected family
but i'm going to miss it

i know i'm lucky that we have such a vibrant craft beer community in vancouver
and there are events every day of the week that i can go to
but there's just something about a craft beer festival that amps it all up several notches
(perhaps even to 11)

must i pick just one?
no, i cannot possibly do that

highlight of ticketed events - has to be hoppapalooza again this year
always a good time, nigel just keeps sourcing more fabulous brews for this event
and capping the number of tickets sold meant many disappointed people, but for those of us lucky enough to get tickets, it was nice to move freely about the space and be served quickly
oh the beers!
i cannot say enough about the casks and kegs of ambrosia that we imbibed!
41 of them i tried, forty-one
fingers crossed that my luck will hold out and i'll be one of the chosen people again next year

highlight #1 of non-ticketed events - the dix reunion at stackhouse
packedhouse would have been a more apt name!  there was barely room for the poor servers to squeeze through with everyone's cask and food orders
it was like a high school reunion without the awkwardness of forgetting people's names
the casks were delicious
the mood was jovial
and the smiles were cheek-cracking
brilliant idea whoever came up with that one!

highlight #2 of non-ticketed events - the soft opening of portland craft
not quite finished its renovations, portland craft (the pub) opened its doors with 16 taps of portland (the city) brews, a price-point menu and freshly imported voodoo donuts
it was a packed house with a line up that waxed and waned but did not disappear all night long
again, the mood was jovial
there were a few hiccups, it was an opening night afterall
but no one i talked to had anything but high praise for the endeavour and its execution
(and who doesn't like a portland brew or six???)

which leads me to query... is portland craft the next dix?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

beer geekery


wine to go

phillips growler bag by smoking lily

beer and burger on the go

spirited kitchen rack

Friday, May 18, 2012


i'm outta here!
off to vancouver craft beer week launch!
i'll be pouring at the roundhouse tonight
and then partaking in many events all weekend long
you might not hear from me for awhile...

cask night

last night's cask at the yaletown brewpub was cory's vanilla brown ale with a hint of mint
think winter ale
think chocolate mint
but just a hint
not overwhelming, it was very pleasing
i had two...


add this to the long list of beer stuff i am currently coveting
a guiness qr code pint glass

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

cask night

the cask at the railway club last night was a central city raspberry stout
it was really nicely balanced
and made me very, very happy
(so did the sunny warm vancouver day!)


more adverts for the rapidly approaching vancouver craft beer week:

yaletown brew pub vcbw fresh sheet

like and dislike

i do love me a beergarita on a hot day
but this is not one that i will be trying on for size!

i NEED this tshirt
not because i properly judge beer (that just sounds like too much work)
but because who doesn't need another beer tshirt?
and it would go with everything!

Friday, May 11, 2012

beers about town

my softball schedule is wreaking havoc on making it to my usual cask nights
but i'm still getting out there when i can!

last night's cask at the yaletown brewpub was an unadulterated brick and beam ipa
after a hectic day at work lemme tell ya, that stuff went down very easily!

beernesday (a special off-season edition) this week offered me these delicious brews:

pint of klickitat pale ale
pint of el torero organic ipa
pint of brooklyn sorachi ace
sampler of vancouver island brewing beachcomber summer ale
sampler of whistler brewing paradise valley grapefruit ale
sampler of paddock wood 606 india pale ale
sampler of elysian brewing the wise esb

mother's day

important notice:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

green flash

i really like green flash's news release infographic-like ads for their beers

BIG News for Rayon Vert!
Thursday May 10th
Inspired by pre-war Belgium beers, Rayon Vert is the most complex beer we have ever created and, it's the first year round bottle-conditioned Brattanomyces beer available in the U.S.
In March, we debuted Rayon Vert 12 oz. bottles nationwide and it has quickly become a Green Flash fan favorite. And now, we're very excited to announce that our colossal Belgian Pale Ale will be available in 22 oz. bottles nationwide! Check out the Where to Buy store locator on our website to grab a 22-ounce Rayon Vert at a store near you!

link love

lots of beer-related news today!

the vancouver sun's 100 anniversary beer

nigel springthorpe, the wine guy's beer guy

women = sustainability in the brewing industry

british columbia's best microbreweries

brew dog swag

i got my brewdog shareholder swag in the mail on monday!
poster and window decal and sticker and pencil and pin and fridge magnet and bottle opener key chain!

fridge magnet
bottle opener key-chain

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

racking the homebrew

bridget and i racked the bitch's brew on monday night
i was very apprehensive (okay, downright scared) about the siphoning process
what if air gets in?
what if we infect the beer?
what if our siphoning skills suck?
scary man!

i think all went well...
beer is out of the fermenting bucket and into a carbuoy

sanitize, sanitize, sanitize:
racking cane, siphone hose and bung sitting in a tub of sanitizer

siphon like you know what you're doing:

lots of sludge (or trub) at the bottom of the fermenting bucket:

i think our brew is a lovely colour:

carbuoy cover to keep out the indirect sunlight:

fingers crossed we did everything right and will have a drinkable beer in a couple of weeks!

link love

central city world brewing award

the province on the world brewing awards

brewbound on moving beer beyond local

north carolina

Thanks for everyone's thoughts on the recent vote on Amendment 1 regarding gay marriage in North Carolina. While that vote in no way reflects the values and ethos of New Belgium Brewing, (we happily extend benefits to same-sex partners), we are not reconsidering building a second facility in Asheville. It has been our experience that the best way to effect change is to work within a system rather than to turn away from it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


pizza and beer
a match made in frat boy heaven...
give it an update with pizza cupcakes!

seattle beer week

need to warm up a little for the insanity that is vancouver craft beer week?
head down to seattle first!
seattle beer week, may 10 to 20

thirstysisters at PIKE BREWING
NW women in beer, Seattle Beer Week
May 15, 2012 - 5 to 8 p.m.
Seattle Beer Week, May 10 - May 20, is a 10-day long celebration of local craft beer at venues throughout the Seattle area. Thirstysisters
On May 15, Pike is proud to host the first annual thirstysisters Seattle Beer Week event: Northwest Women in Craft Beer. We hope you will join us for a taste of locally brewed beers and the chance to meet some of the most influential ladies affecting the local craft beer industry today. thirstysisters is an extraordinary event focused on women involved in the craft beer industry in the Pacific Northwest.
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Where: Museum Room, Pike Brewing Company
Time: 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Cost: $20 includes 5 tasting tickets (additional tickets 6 for $10)
RSVP: Tara 206-812-6604
Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets, and at the door.
Proceeds from this event will be donated to Planned Parenthood.
Representatives will attend with information.
We encourage you to reserve/purchase tickets early; they will go fast and space is limited. There will be a raffle featuring some wonderful gift items throughout the evening. Raffle tickets are available at $5 for 6, or $10 for 11 (must be present to win).
thirsty brew crew
Pike brewsters: Jan Balcom, Meg Bragg, Tiffany Herrington, along with Linda Stratton-Peterson (Pike Sales,) Rose Ann Finkel (owner,) and Erika Tedin (Full Throttle Bottles) brew beer for the event.
The event features women making beer at local breweries, and women making a difference by educating consumers at women-owned bottle shops. Participating are: Airways Brewery, Black Raven Brewery, Chuckanut Brewery, Diamond Knot Brewing, Elysian Brewery, Fremont Brewing, Hales Ales, Der Blokken Brewery, Naked City, Schooner Exact, Pike Brewing Company, Red Hook Brewery, Silver City Brewery; Full Throttle Bottles, Gravity Beer Market, and 99 Bottles; along with tasty treats from local women-owned cheese producers, food purveyors, and confectioners. And as if that weren't enough, the thirstysisters themselves will be presenting and serving special brews that the ladies have brewed themselves. Revealed only at this event, it will be the only opportunity you will have to taste these one-of-a-kind beers!
about thirstysisters
The thirstysisters evolved out of a growing desire for women involved in the craft beer industry in the greater Seattle area to come together and pool their resources. With the ever expanding involvement of women in the brewing business, the thirsty sisters recognized a need to not only celebrate their love of craft beer, but also to educate other women on the historical significance of females in the craft beer industry. Through events such as this one planned for Seattle Beer Week, the thirsty sisters hope to bring more women into the fold and foster a vibrant, diverse craft brew community.
participating sisters
Anastasia Logan, Black Raven; Sara Nelson, Fremont Brewing; Kathy Hale, Hales Ales Brewery; Jessica Husted, Der Blokken Brewery; Erika Tedin, Full Throttle Bottles; Tiffany Adamowski, 99 Bottles; Roma Bert, Gravity Beer Market; Janelle Pritchard, an Independent Special Beer produced at Naked City; Mari Kemper, Chuckanut Brewery; Sharon Campbell, Tieton Cider Works; Sarah Williams, Wandering Aengus Ciderworks; Dione Dittmar, Airways Brewing; Crystie Kisler, Finnriver Farm & Cidery; Corinne McNielly and Whitney Burnside, Elysian Brewing; and Jan Balcom, Meg Bragg, Tiffany Herrington, Rose Ann Finkel, Laura Stoudt, and Linda Stratton-Peterson, from our own Pike Brewing Co.
participating sisters (and brothers) in food
Catherine Brooke-Barrows, Tabbey Cat Pickling Co.; Rebecca Staffel, Deluxe Jams, Julie Obrien, Firefly Kitchens; Gina Batali, Salumi Artisan Cured Meats; Matt Day, Mt. Townsend Creamery; Nicki Kerbs and Laura Glass, Cupcake Royale; Kevin Bartlett, Taylor Shellfish, Diana Puterbaugh, Hops Direct; Rebecca Early, Macrina Bakery; Julie Farrell, Tease Chocolates; Marci, Macio's Italian Specialty Foods; Pamela Hinckley, Tom Douglas Restaurants; and Gary Marx, Pike Brewing Company.
thirstysisters educational tables
Teri Fahrendorf, Country Malt Group; and Planned Parenthood - Great Northwest.
The Pike Brewing Company is a family owned brewery located 1/2 block South of the entrance to the historic Pike Place Public Market. It is owned by Rose Ann and Charles Finkel who founded the brewery in 1989.

hooker's green?

Hooker's Green at the New Oxford - Now Open

If you follow the newly fabricated winding raw metal staircase down from the library at the New Oxford, you will be greeted by the dimly lit games area of the newest addition to the Donnelly Group Public Houses, Hooker's Green.

Not to be mistaken with ladies of the night, Hooker¹s Green takes its name from a unique shade of green, created by 18th century botanical artist William J. Hooker.

The space is complimented by a large covered patio, a massive wooden bar, its own library and of course a well-stocked and stimulating cocktail and beer menu.

Open seven days a week from 4pm, Hooker's Green offers a menu of locally sourced modern pub fare and a selection of 14 rotating craft beers on tap.

For more info please visit us at

Hooker's Green
1141 Hamilton Street
p. 604.669.4848
Sun – Thur: 4:00pm – 1:00am
Fri & Sat : 4:00pm – 2:00am

Follow us on Twitter @HookersGreenVan

Monday, May 7, 2012

howe sound

from howe sound brewing's facebook page
(no idea about original source...)


i went all the way to victoria this weekend
but had no time to visit any breweries
or english, irish or scottish pubs

all my time was taken up by a lovely wedding and reception
congratulations chris and joshua!

i did, however, manage to quaff a bottle of phillips hop circle ipa at the reception
and a few draft lighthouse beacon ipas at the after-party
go me!